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High Contrast Challenge – Antje Traue Portrait

As I continue on clearing my backlog of paintings that have yet to be shared, now I’ve come to the fourth of five paintings done during a holiday weekend in October. This one in particular was focused on really pushing for a high contrast/heavy shadow challenge. Last year, I did a colored pencil sketch of some characters from the movie

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The Fifth Element – Gary Oldman’s Zorg

Welcome to part two of this run of drawings from The Fifth Element. In the first one, I covered some basics from the film and shared a drawing of Leeloo Dallas and her treasured Multipass. In this second drawing, we’re going to talk about the main antagonist of the movie (aside from the evil planet), Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. One fascinating aspect

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The Fifth Element – Leeloo Dallas Multipass

Last week, I did a sketch from one of my favorite movies, the original Karate Kid. I like how the drawing turned out, but the best byproduct of it may be ideas for more art. I made a list of favorite movies (Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, about a dozen others), and decided to draw something from each one of them. I don’t

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